Cyber security: What You Need to Know

Cyber attack is an unfortunate reality of doing business in the modern world. It’s critical that business owners and operators understand the risks and how to mitigate them. Employing professional IT services in Irvine or locally to you is a wise place to start.

If your business uses technology in any form, you are potentially vulnerable to cyber attack. Very few careers now have no basis in technology. From smartphones and tablets used by tradespeople to smart boards used in classrooms; from medical processes that rely on technology to paperless businesses; any small mistake, even just clicking on a link in an email, can compromise your security enormously.

Understand that cyber attackers rely on human error. User interaction is the biggest predictor of the success of a cyber attack. The most minor of errors can compromise an entire company.

A cyber attack can access, steal, or destroy classified information or sensitive data. It can be used to extort money. It can damage personal lives, finances, and destroy a business. Cyber threats include social engineering, malware, and advanced persistent threats, with attacks on integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data access.

Cyber security protects and recovers networks, devices, and programs within an organisation.

Hacking is an industry in and of itself, and even a small sole-trader can become a victim of a cyber attack. Virus protection alone is no longer enough. Attackers and their attacks are becoming ever more sophisticated, and even if you are not equipped to completely keep up, you can mitigate the risks. You as a business owner need to be proactive as opposed to reactive when it comes to taking ownership of your own cyber security needs.

By keeping your security in your business up to par, you will maintain robust protocols and protect your personal information as well as that of your clients.

Understanding security basics is crucial for you and your employees.

Mitigate the Risks:

CloudStep IT services in Irvine provides cyber security to small and medium-sized businesses. We aim to not only provide data recovery, but to mitigate risks from the outset to prevent security breaches, data loss, and provide risk minimization for threats both arising internally and externally. Contact us today to discover how we can partner with you for the benefit of your business.

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