IT Security: Types of Cyber Attacks

Irvine IT services or any local managed IT services near you, offer an array of services, and among the most important of these it cybersecurity. Your business relies on data security and breaches of this can destroy a business.

One of the biggest concerns any digital media user has is being vulnerable to a computer virus or similar attack. It takes time and a lot of effort to remove these once they have infected a computer system, and it is incredibly important to mitigate the risks in advance rather than try to fix the problem once it has occurred.

Types of Cyber Attacks

VIRUS – A computer virus can be a simple annoyance, or it can be catastrophic for your files, software, and even your hardware. In most cases, it will go on to infect other computers on the same network and is capable of replicating itself.


A virus is attached to an executable file. It can only infect your computer if it has been executed – e.g. a link to the virus is clicked on. In almost all cases, the executable file is hidden in your computer or on a USB stick waiting to be run.





A Blended Threat includes DoS (denial of service) attacks while concurrently installing back-door vulnerability and attacking files and other parts of the network.


Blended Threats spread via file-sharing, email, and IRC (internet relay chat). They are the worst form of security risk a business faces.

Appropriate anti-virus software and specific actions on the part of all computer users are critical to avoid being the victim of a cyber attack of any kind. By hiring Irvine IT services or managed IT services near you, you can benefit enormously from the expertise of the professionals whose job it is to maintain the integrity of your digital systems, for the wellbeing of your business.

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