Network Security – What you Need to Know

One of the most important things Irvine IT services providers offer is enhanced network security for your business or other organization. In fact, many modern businesses have incorporated IT security and network security solutions in order to protect valuable information and enhance their efficiencies to increase productivity and revenue, and reduce losses incurred.

For all its efficiency, using IT does incur a risk when it comes to the security of your data and processes. Digital platforms are vulnerable to threats including malicious viruses, hackers, and losses of critical and sensitive data. Continuity of the business can be compromised and financial losses can ensue.

As an example of the reach of cybersecurity attacks, in 2016 the WannaCry ransom-ware attack affected more than 150 countries and 10 000 organizations. Its impact included stoppages in Renault manufacturing plants as well as within critical services in the National Health Service in the UK.

As a Business Owner, You Need to Know:

How can Managed IT Services Help with Network Security?

Most modern cyber attacks are carried out by malicious software that is automated. It uses scripts that actively seek vulnerable networks and computers. Even a sole-trader small business can be at risk.

Types of cyber attacks include:

Your investment in network security needs to include:

Managed IT services help you mitigate the risks of a cyber attack. This includes protection against network attacks (both internal and external), the privacy of communications, access control, and more, to build consumer trust, secure access and promote productivity, alleviate concern, reduce costs, and protect your assets.

Choose CloudStep for Irvine IT Services

CloudStep is a top-tier provider of affordable, effective Irvine IT services including a strong focus on ongoing network security. We work to identify and mitigate security risks before they arise, and we offer a 24/7 service which includes monitoring. Contact us today to discuss how we can help maximize your business’s network security.

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