Outsourcing IT Support versus Hiring In-House

At some point, your business will face the question of whether to augment your in-house staff or to outsource IT support in Orange County or locally to you. While it may seem ideal to have dedicated staff for your company and your company alone, there is much to be gained by outsourcing to a managed services provider. Businesses can considerably reduce their spending by doing so, enabling them to, at the same time, focus on their core business functions and areas of expertise.

Here we take a basic look at the pros and cons of each option.

Augmenting your In-House Team

This means hiring or contracting professionals with a specific area of expertise to join your in-house team of employees. While hiring permanent staff is a major commitment and costly in terms of ongoing entitlements, you can contract employees for a limited period. It can be a cost-effective option when you don’t require permanent staff, providing highly-qualified professionals when they are required to fill a specific need. Yet contracting staff is only a short-term solution to what may be a longer-term need in your business. When contractors are employed in the longer term, their cost-effectiveness becomes challenged and you may not get the results you are paying for in terms of work completed.

Outsourcing IT Support

Outsourcing IT support to a managed services provider is a solution which offers all the flexibility and access to premium skills that hiring contractors does, but mitigates the disadvantages of doing so.

In outsourced IT support, pricing is tied to outcomes with the managed services model – you only pay for what you get. Pricing is altered depending upon the customer’s demand for a particular service. It affords access to a wide skill set and variety, with a broad base of knowledge, training, and expertise available – so whatever it is you need, your managed services provider can deliver on your terms.

Which option to choose? You need to base your decision on an analysis of cost versus benefit to your business. For specialised services and expertise for a limited time, augmenting your staff pool with a contractor may work best for you. For longer-term, ongoing IT support with on-demand scalability, predictable costs, and more reliable delivery, IT support and consulting through a managed services provider is the solution you seek.

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