Quick Fixes for Maximizing your Internet Speed

We’ve all been there… you’re downloading a large email attachment, watching an important video, or maybe even loading a simple web page, and your browser shows the spinning loading wheel. You’ve got a good connection–why did things slow down? It’s a simple question that could have a range of answers. Benefitting from managed IT services in Orange County can ensure that your network is optimized, but if you’re looking for a quick fix, take a look at the following list of software-related tricks for speeding up your browsing.

Test It

The first step is to figure out what kind of a slowdown you’re dealing with, and by Ookla is a great way to do it. It’s free, simple as pressing a button, and may even be a little bit fun. Once you establish a baseline for your internet speed & performance, you can better understand when a slowdown is happening.

Update It

A very simple self-fix to make sure your browsing isn’t unnecessarily slow is to make sure that you’re using the latest version of you browser and operating system. If the version on your machine is outdated, certain sites may not work optimally. Taking the time to make sure these systems are up to date is definitely worth your time.

Background Activities

Background activities can also seriously impair your internet speed. Make sure that no unnecessary programs are slowing you down by running in the background. To check out background activities in Windows, just press CTRL+Shift+ESC. Mac users can search for “Activity Monitor” in Spotlight search. Do be careful not to shut down any important processes, such as system updates!

Streamlining Browsing

In your browser, clearing out your cache and other junk on a regular basis can speed up your browsing; additionally, closing windows you aren’t using at the moment can make a difference if your browsing is feeling sluggish.

Go After Adware

If you’ve downloaded any free-to-use software recently, you may have unwittingly made your computing experience more annoying by exposing yourself to adware. Adware is a type of software that increases the amount of ads that pop up on your desktop or within programs. These subtle and pervasive programs can also really cut into your internet speeds. Apart from avoiding free downloads (which is the best policy), the best way to remove the annoyance of adware is by getting a program to deal with it. Antivirus programs commonly come equipped with adware components, and there are some decent free options for adware removal, too.

These software fixes can definitely make a difference if your browsing has been feeling a little sluggish lately. However, they can only do so much if your business has an outdated or inefficient network setup. Wi-Fi networks in particular can have a wide range of performance issues based on the hardware, router & repeater placement, Wi-Fi channels used, and number of devices relying on the connection. If you’re looking for managed IT services in Orange County to give your network a boost and increase internet speed, give Cloudstep a call today.


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