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The Risk Factor

You do your best manage the risk in your life an prepare for the unexpected. You make sure to buy a car with the most up-to-date safety features. You do everything you can to keep an emergency fund it case of a rainy day. If you live in California, you may even do the responsible thing and keep an earthquake kit handy. All these things are in place with a little foresight to protect you against the unforeseeable risks. Is the same true about your business’s IT systems? Here are a few questions to help you estimate just how much risks you’re taking with your IT, and to maybe show the benefit of getting managed IT support in Irvine.


When Threats Get Real, Harden Your OS!

In the world of IT security, it seems like all we talk about are threats, threats, threats—and for good reason! There are a wide variety of entry points that a bad actor can take advantage of to compromise your data. If you don’t believe us, take a look at one seemingly overlooked one: the operating system. A huge amount of businesses are running their companies with some to most of their computers operating on the old version of the operating system,


Managed IT Services Versus the Break-Fix Approach

Thinking about IT fixes is always painful. Setting up the various services and systems that keep your business running—much less keeping them up—can be a vague and intimidating time commitment, which is why so many businesses choose to have IT professionals take the reins. Still, the choice remains to select managed IT services in Irvine, or to simply take what we can affectionately call the break-fix approach. Let’s look closer at the step-by-step difference between these two approaches.


Getting Hacked: What it Means, and How to Avoid It

Remember back when the internet was such a novelty that Hollywood could produce a movie, like 1995’s Hackers, which invited us all to cheer on the rollerblading, anti-establishment protagonists as they fight the system by guessing people’s passwords? We’ve come a long way from that super-stylized portrayal of the internet, but unfortunately hackers (the real ones) have too.

Nowadays, hacking is so commonplace that nobody thinks it’s cool or counterculture; it’s become a frustrating and serious threat to your business, causing headaches and even hurting your profits. One essential aspect of IT support for Orange County businesses is mitigating the threat of hackers.


Quick Fixes for Maximizing your Internet Speed

We’ve all been there… you’re downloading a large email attachment, watching an important video, or maybe even loading a simple web page, and your browser shows the spinning loading wheel. You’ve got a good connection–why did things slow down? It’s a simple question that could have a range of answers. Benefitting from managed IT services in Orange County can ensure that your network is optimized, but if you’re looking for a quick fix, take a look at the following list of software-related tricks for speeding up your browsing.